Our Patriots


Arlington House Chapter, NSDAR, members are proud to be direct descendants of the following Revolutionary War Patriots. Below is the full list of current members' Patriots and the state and position in which they served.

This list is updated yearly.


John Bruce, Sergeant

Mary Bryan, Patriotic Service

William Bryan, Patriotic Service

Nathaniel Burwell, Major

George Chapman, Non-Commissioned Officer

Zachariah Compton, Soldier

Dudley Diggs, Patriotic Service

Pyrant Easley, Patriotic Service

Andrew Gatewood, Civil Service & Patriotic Service

Frederick Green, Patriotic Service

Robert Harvey, Private

Benjamin Hodnett, Private

John Hopewell, Private

George Kramer, Patriotic Service

David Lanier, Captain

William Long, Captain

Richard Morris, Patriotic Service

Sanford Paine, Patriotic Service

John Parker, Private

Ephraim Seamans, Private

Henry Thornhill, Private

Joseph Wahab, Patriotic Service

John Woodward, Ensign

Andrew Zornes, Private


Benjamin Barnes, Captain

Asa Chaffee, Private

David Dustin, Soldier

John Farrington, Private

Noah Brooks Kimball, Private & Civil Service

Abijah Upham, Musician

John Whitehead, Lieutenant

North Carolina

Daniel Boone Bryan, Private

Thomas Cowing, Captain

Cary Cox, Sr., Soldier

Abraham Low, Private

Benjamin Merrill, Private

Maurice Raiford, Lieutenant

William Sharp, Aide de Camp


Daniel Alford (Alvord), Private

Sampson Covell, Private

Roswell Fitch, Private (also of New York)

Christopher Foster, Private

Hallam Hepstead, Private

Nathaniel Hempstead, Soldier

Jonas Main, Ensign

Daniel Trowbridge, Private

New Hampshire

Ebenezer Eastman, Patriotic Service

Joseph Jewell, Corporal

Amos Knowles, Patriotic Service

John Knowles, Sergeant


Anna Abendschon, Patriotic Service

John Bull, Lieutenant 

Cornelius Devore, Private

John Georg Foght, Patriotic Service

Thomas Gorby, Private

Jacob Hepler, Private

James Horrell, Captain

Samuel Kistler, Ensign

John Klinger, Private

Jeremiah Much, Matross

George Norris, Jr., Patriotic Service

Giles Parman, Private & Patriotic Service

James Shaw, Private

Peter Steiger, Private

Elliot Williamson, Private

Andrew Zornes, Private


Jacob C. Waldhauer, Civil & Patriotic Service

New Jersey

John Francis, Teamster

James Tappan, Private

South Carolina

Joseph Griffin, Private

William Leslie, Soldier & Patriotic Service

John Lott, Soldier

Austin Stone, Private, Civil & Patriotic Service


Eli Hyatt, Soldier & Patriotic Service

Joseph Johnson, Private

John Lancaster, Sr., Civil & Patriotic Service

George Mattern, Private

George Reynolds, Private

New York

Enos Ambler, Private

John Ambler, Militiaman

Hendrick Benner, Private

Stephen Curry, Private

Richard Ferris, Private

Elijah Herrick, Captain

John J. Klock, Lieutenant & Patriotic Service

Cornelius Linderman, Private

John McArthur, Lieutenant

Josiah Parish, Private

Edmond Per Lee, Staff Officer & Patriotic Service

Christopher Perkins, Private

Samuel Pugsley, Private

Samuel Slauson, Soldier

Simon Van Der Cook, Ensign


Ebenezer Hopkins, Civil Service &

Patriotic Service


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Last Updated: June 25, 2020