Arlington House Chapter

Our Patriots

Current Arlington House Chapter members* are proud to be direct descendants of the following Revolutionary War patriots:

Daniel Alford (Alvord), Private [CT]

John Ambler, Militiaman [NY]

John Ashby, Major [VA]

Burditt Ashton, Patriotic Service [VA]

Benjamin Barnes, Captain [MA]

David Barnett, Foot Soldier, 6th Reg. [VA]

Francis Barrett, Sergeant [VA]

John Blackwell, Lt. Colonel [VA]

Daniel Boone Bryan, Private [NC]

Leonard Boyer, Private [PA]

Noah Brooks Kimball, Private & Civil Service [MA]

John Bruce, Sergeant [VA]

Zachriah Compton, Soldier [VA]

Sampson Covell, Private [CT]

Thomas Cowing (Cowan), Captain [PA]

Cary Cox, Sr., Soldier [NC]

Stephen Curry, Private [NY]

Peter De Haven, Private [PA]

Cornelius Devore, Private [PA]

David Dustin, Soldier [MA]

Pyrant Easley, Patriotic Service [VA]

Ebenezer Eastman, Patriotic Service [NH]

Thomas Ely, Private [VA]

Patrick Ewing, Captain [MD]

John Farrington, Private [ME]

Richard Ferris, Private [NY]

Joshua Fletcher, Soldier & Patriotic Service [VA]

Christopher Foster, Private [CT]

John Francis, Teamster [NJ]

John Georg Foght, Patriotic Service [PA]

Thomas Gorby, Private [PA]

Frederick Green, Patriotic Service [VA]

Joseph Griffin, Private [SC]

Brian Hall, First Lieutenant [MA]

Benjamin Hammond, Private [NY]

Benjamin Hodnett, Private [VA]

John Hopewell, Private [VA]

James Horrell, Captain Militia [PA]

George Hovis, Patriotic Service [NC]

Eli Hyatt, Patriotic Service & Soldier [MD]

Stephen Ingalls, Private [MA]

Joseph Jewell, Corporal [NH]

Joseph Johnston, Sergeant [VA]

John J. Klock, Lieutenant & Patriotic Service [NY]

John Knowles, Sergeant [NH]

Simeon Lakin, Private [NH]

John Lamkin Crute, Captain [VA]

John Lancaster, Sr., Civil & Patriotic Service [MD]

David Lanier, Captain [VA]

Bigelow Lawrence, Major [CT, VT]

William Leslie, Soldier & Patriotic Service [SC]

Cornelius Linderman, Private [NY]

Johannes Longyear, Private [NY]

John Lott, Soldier [SC]

Abraham Low, [VA]

Jonas Main, Ensign [CT]

George Mattern, Private [MD]

John McArthur, Lieutenant [NY]

Samuel Meacham, Private & Patriotic Service [NH]

Moses Meek, Sergeant [SC]

Benjamin Merrill, Private [NC]

Richard Morris, Patriotic Service [VA]

Jeremiah Much, Matross [PA]

George Norris Jr., Patriotic Service [PA]

Sanford Paine, Patriotic Service [VA]

John Parish, Private [NY]

Josiah Parish, Private [VA]

John Parker, Private [VA]

Caleb Phifer, Colonel [NC]

Samuel Pugsley, Private [NY]

Maurice Raiford, Lieutenant [NC]

Joel Ramsey, Private [NC]

George Randall, Private [SC]

Andrew Ream, Captain [PA]

George Reynolds, Private [MD]

David Sayre, Private [NJ]

William Sharp, Aide de Camp [NC]

James Shaw, Private [PA]

Alexander Spotswood, Brigadier General [VA]

Austin Stone, Private, Civil & Patriotic Service [SC]

James Tappan, Private [NJ]

Henry Thornhill, Private [VA]

Daniel Trowbridge, Private [CT]

Abijah Upham, Musician [MA]

Simon Van Der Cook, Ensign [NY]

John Vineyard, Soldier [VA]

Joseph Wahab, Patriotic Service [VA]

Jacob C. Waldhauer, Civil & Patriotic Service [GA]

John Whitehead, Lieutenant [MA]

William Wiggins, Private [PA]

Elliot Williamson, Private [PA]

John Woodward, Ensign [VA]

David Wyman, Private [MA]

Andrew Zornes, Private [VA]

* This list is updated yearly.

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Last Updated: June 2, 2017